The planning and engineering office GP Dr. Grossert Planungsgesellschaft mbH is an independent and extensive service enterprise, from which its clients can make full or part use of its services. The company is capable of carrying out all different ways of planning services in civil engineering and its related activities up to the completion of the buildings. Up to now international projects have been advised in the USA, China, Sri Lanka and Japan.

Our engineering office has been developing, analysing and designing for several years, in close co-operation with planning architects, the load-bearing structures of all kind of constructions. In this context new concepts, such as jointless structures and watertight constructions, without additional sealing, have been used successfully.

We constantly broaden our knowledge due to our activities in surveys on projects, repairing and strengthening of buildings and our tasks as checking engineers for structural engineering.

Our special attention is focused on the quality assurance during planning and the material related as well as professional feasibility of our constructions on the building site. Education, training and the transfer of know-how are also part of our services.

As our office has been very active for public and private clients, such as federal government authorities, Maglev planning companies, Deutsche Post World Net, Deutsche Telekom AG, Siemens AG, ThyssenKrupp AG, Daimler-Benz AG, Allianz, Roland Ernst Planning- and Project-Development-Company and other noted investors, we have gained extensive knowledge about the surrounding conditions of large building projects, the high requirements regarding economic efficiency, durability and flexibility and have transferred this into practice in our constructions.

We are accustomed to working under varying conditions for different clients and partners. We are well acquainted with every task related to planning and constructing and are used to a constructive and cooperative working partnership with other specialized planning companies and experts.